Sunday, August 5, 2012

Kamatayan Ang Batas

The gig I set up turned out to be a killer( not boasting) The bands were obliterating they were quality throughout, no filler. i am both lucky and glad to have been able to witness these bands in succession. People who like old school influenced metal and did not get to watch the show are unlucky.. Thanks to everyone that came out. Metal parasitism is still prevalent at local club shows, lots of nobodies who are shameless enough to not pay the gate fee sprout like kangkong. Setting up show's aint free you know?


Anyways, I'm glad Wilderness, the only non metal band featured in the gig was received awesomely. You can check them out at they have a new cd out with a split with a lame SEA band, I'm too bored to mention. Wilderness is the best band to come out of the local OPM club scene. Everybody else is shit.
Too tired to write. Sleep now.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

...And then it hit me.

The Beauty of Doubt is dead. This really sucks. As I wear my own TBOD shirt I am reminded of this tragic reality. I watch Doubt live vids on the internet and repeatedly spin their discography, singing along to every word. I will still be waiting for their return. They must. I will bug the band members every time I see them to reform or at least get my CD's signed in memoriam. Although the band is dead their words remain immortal.

To add insult to injury, I could not attend their last show because of being sick and broke, If only I didn't have a 104 flu I could have taken advantage of PUV's much to my guilt but alas t'was not to be :

The Beauty of Doubt is and will always be:

Ronald Schlander - vocals
Erwin Toledo - guitar
Jepoi Bagtas - drums
Mark Morada - bass
Albert Ascona - guitar

 Long live the Beauty of Doubt.

A Dead Scene Haul


I first got acquainted with Joab's great work in RTC's fifth issue featuring local fanzine peeps IRH, Konspirazine and Incidental Afterthought, I got it from IA's crazy editor Joseph when I first met him at GPH's second SEA PHI tour. #5 is humorous, smooth and cool as fuck. Chippy? Chippy rules man. Thinking back I emailed him a few years back for a trade but I didn't reply or something hahahaha. I'm an asshole. Anyways, I met RTC's editor personally, amidst a barrage of alcohol in the form of Red Horse beer and liempo-core accompaniments which Joseph grandly provided in the usual hang out/rendezvous place of crazy-ass subverts, Andoks, Quiapo(yehey!) I finally got more copies of RTC through a trade, I still owe the guy ahaha.

Joseph bought a lot of drinks for all of us(belated happy b-day!). Made me drunk and gave me a helluva hangover, I feel like a goddamn freeloader each time I'm with these crazy bastards, they give and give and I take and take! Hopefully when I get a  paying job I can reciprocate hahahaha.. Everyone of us was laughing our asses of, fucking awesome day starter. Omel Basag Ang Pula/sister bastard of Power Jakol fame was present how could it no be an awesome alcohol session? hehe. We commuted to the gig place only after we have emptied a ton of bottles. crazy crazy.
A Dead Scene's gig was quality throughout fun and positive punk energy.

Syrrup, who's very limited cult demo was released on the hush-hush under the table on this particular event are 2 parts Sister Bastard 1 part Incidental Afterthought. They started the night with their feedback laden(to borrow a term I heard from RTC's editor hehe) punk injected(in the case of my favorite track Oroquieta's outro at least) sludge fest playing tracks from their demo to an early audience. It was an awesome experience and the motherfuckers should get a bass player ASAP or make Som use a splitter to utilize both amps at least for added motherfucking boss-ness.

Now this is the part where my memory betrays me. Alcohol might have been a factor.

Sister Bastard was destined to go up next and they wrecked the place with their brand of hardcore PV, short and sharp,Omel's bass tone was awesome and overshadowed Som's guitar volume to a fault, each fast start of a track paves way to relentless bursts of speed and aggression up to its abrupt finish as Omel consults his notebook for the next track, kickass. SB ruled.. It was my first time watching them not totally wrecked by weed and drink. I have no idea what constitutes for PV but if this is what it sounds like then count me in for more. I need to listen to some Man Is The Bastard, No Comment and Spazz'n shit. It's my mission before the 3rd issue is out.

I forgot the order in which bands played in after this but Jahannam was cool refreshing post-rockish sludgy over my head stuff. I need to listen to them again and maybe this time get a copy of their demo. Hopefully soon.

Surrogate Prey was super kickass, droning sludge metal of the finest caliber. I hope they put out a demo soon. I sat down when they played and just closed my eyes, absorbed their music in all of its negativity and filth. Great great stuff. Only a few local slow tempo'ed bands can never overstay their welcome and SP's one of them.

I am motherfucking hungry and need to cook some Tinola for my dad and grandma.  so this should be quick.

I'm a big fan of Killratio, they ruled the night. Zepol's vocals were as insane and intense as ever. The guy rules. They went through the KR repertoire. Zero Tolerance, Gutom, The Parade + a few I didn't recognize. I got to get a copy of KR's Not Dead Yet and 4 Way split w/ Eskapo,La Grita and IOD, shit is spinning as we speak. I also bought a KR shirt at this gig. They ruled. These guys are always a treat to watch live. Their studio outputs = no match for their live ferocity.

Execution of Terror played all new songs to my ears, stench-core bastards are heavy as fuck. I was only familiar with their Kill or be Killed stuff up to this point. To me, from more of a metal head guy perspective, they definitely have thrashy metal parts that could be on Hellhammer and Celtic Frost records, they sound metallic as fuck and that's why they rule so much. The old tracks pale in comparison to the onslaught of the new compositions.

The last band to officially play was political-anarcho d-beat sounding, A//Political styled dude/girl trade offs and chanting, speech intro's and shit with an added bongo player, Conflict of Interest. They were awesome definitely.

After their set, the gig ended too early, the bar announced that it was still open for free jamming or something. Syrrup played another set of their brand of sludge. Everyone in our group was either drunk or sleepy. Crazy night. The bar blacked out soon after. We all went home while a typhoon was happening hahaha. Fucking crazy.

Need to cook. G'day.


I almost forgot.

Thanks to Don Mario and Dane for the KR stuffs.
KR rules Ilovethisband.

Monday, July 30, 2012


Alot of people(well really a few)were nice enough to mention WTI's first issue on their own zines. Thanks everyone for the nice words about WTI.
(Thanks Dane C. of I Remember Halloween)

(Thanks papa Jep of Konspirazine)

(This one's my favorite,thanks alot for your insightful critique Metal Havoc zine. you can contact the editor @ there are still copies of MH#5 available so grab it while its hot)

Manong Zine

It's weird. Usually I'm the one that's always doing the interviewing. Haha. Manong Zine is a local zine made by one Mr.Aaron Manzano also once upon a time co-writer of Spikes and Bullets fanzine(hiatus)along with Erwin Kalbo.

This issue of Manong Zine has an all local interviews w/ Goblin Warhead, WTI and Dethrone Records plus the staple review section and writings. While I was going home from a gig I was reading Manong Zine in a high-speed jeep and the pages flew out of my hands. I went down from the jeep to gather the pages but  1 or 2 was lost in the hurricane winds a few got wet from landing on puddles. Far out.


Here are the transcripts from the interviews with our band and zine so you can get a feel for how Manong Zine goes.

We The Infected zine for me is one of the DIY zine worth checking and its brainchild Carlos Lanzona is one hell of a smart guy(no u -Carlos), you could feel his honesty and sincerity to our local zines through his paperized thoughts. his first issue offering may not be as perfect, many complain about its dizzy layout, but when you sacredly read it line by line you'll know this guy has something to offer. As WTI is cooking up its sophomore issue. I am pleasured to interview the mastermind of it.

Greetings and Salutations Aaron! Thank you for taking the interest and for taking time out of your busy schedule to get in touch with me. I appreciate it deeply. 

Manong Zine: Who are your influence in zine-making? Whats your first zine ever conceived?
We The Infected: WTI’s influences are each and every magazine and fanzine I read or get a glimpse at, but the 1st ever one I got my filthy hands on that really made me want to create my own was Noise Gate from Macedonia which was given to me by one of the most awesomest person on earth, Nonoy from Paganfire. Also mostly Hardcore and Punk zines like Aspire, I remember Halloween, Incidental Afterthought and Konspirazine

- Do you solely do all the interviews, reviews,artwork and articles for your zine? are your zine open for contributors?

Yeah man, I do! But the front cover was something my dad cut and pasted, he likes doing collages! His whole room is this one huge collage of band posters and horror art! Also the flyer was hand drawn by Jan Jan from Disgustor. The zine is absolutely open for contributors.

- Thus your zine focused on metal and punk music alone? or you tend to push the boundaries and tap on other subjects far from later said ratio?

 I’d feature anything that sounds cool. I like New Wave, Swing, Blues, Folk and almost anything else. I try not to feature very mainstream stuff on it though. Not that I hate mainstream stuff, its just that people can read about mainstream stuff on Q or Oprah haha.

- We are infected zine is not for sale right? Correct me if im wrong, People interested having a copy of we are infected just need to trade something back to you? How active are you in trading-culture?ever get riff-off? 

Yes! Absolutely not for sale. Maybe if I make a huge issue, I’d think about selling it for the production cost to make up for lost cash. Yeah, trade anything, I’d take your girlfriends panties, a random book, a box of dextromethorphan, or an oatmeal cookie! Anything! Just don’t offer me money! Not that active, I live off a small allowance so I can’t go back and forth to the P.O. like you guys. I got ripped off a few times, I fucking hate those guys. 

- How do you contact bands and acquired demos of them? 

I email and write, I don’t believe in buying at a foreign distro or record label when you can get foreign band’s shit directly from them at a lower price + you’d get to know more about the dudes who’s music you like. 

- You have unleashed your first issue last year,Are you satisfy with the final result? how many copies do you publish and how do readers responsed to it?

I cringe everytime I see the first issue. If I could turn back time I’d work on it more. It’s a sloppy piece of shit, I know I could’ve done better. I lost count, about 200 or less I guess, that shit totally made me broke. I gave it away at local punk and metal shows and traded it to our friends overseas. My punk and hxcx friends said they liked it, I’m glad they appreciate the enthusiasm put into it. The metal peeps think it’s a spastic mess, I’m glad they think, haha.

- You also play for Goblin Warhead right? Do you think its an advantage for your group that you are also a zinemaker? it is easy for you to send demos and get a fair review, contact labels or land a interview spot of your band to other zine because of your status?

 Yup, I play for GW. Nah man, I guess it’s an advantage that I have a lot of buddies that I can bug to line us up at shows but I have no status or reputation, just an ordinary stupid kid who likes to write for fun! 

- One of my favorite section in every fanzine, is the review section. how do you rate albums? Have any band treat you bad because they got bad review from you? 
I listen to it a lot on repeat first, then write my thoughts about it, usually just 1 or 2 line’s because in my point of view, If people wanted to read a whole paragraph on a single album they should read a magazines like Metal Hammer or something(not that there’s anything bad with that.) Nope, no bands have ever gay’ed out because of a review.

- Besides from the common financial problem, what the ups and down you encounter in releasing your on zine

Ups? People trade stuff for it, you get in touch w/ like minded individuals(my favorite!), you get advance info and sometimes free copies from cool bands, you love what you do, you get into a network and a community that helps each other out! Downs? Being broke, when people don’t understand why you do what you do and everything else! Haha.

- someone told me your zine got a blogspot, we couldnt stop the technology but are you gonna swith in digital format? What can you say about E-zine and webzine?

Yeah you can check out old posts I hate the idea that these elitist pansies are trying to enforce in the zine making culture, they say metal zines should stay exclusively in physical format and I absolutely disagree. Why? Because zines = information and information should be shared at all costs whatever the format its in. Not everybody can trade w/ me or know me, does that make them less worthy of reading about this awesome cool band I’ve been listening to or this uber rad show I went or will go to? So that’s why I have a blogspot. It’s to instantly share information for the people. I’m not gonna switch to a digi-format anytime soon! I love paperzines. 

- Are you planning to unleashead another paperized verbal assault this year? Will I be in your second issue?I kick ass dude!!! hehehe, Just kidding, pleased give us a sneak preview of what best to come. 

Haha! Yeah! Only the review’s are missing. I need to get off my kitchen station and start listening to some tunes. Sure man! Haha.  

    •  There’s a lot of Paganfire stuff in the second issue. Some very awesome local bands are featured too like Rabies and Pathogen.

      - For you, what separate the true zine from a trendy one? One word: Passion!

      - Do you think my zine are a trendy one? They say trends come and trends go, you’re still here, aren’t you? Then no! Haha!

      - Do you think zine making is for everyone? Zine making isn’t that hard if you like what you do, same goes for normal jobs. I think zine making is for everyone that has the heart for it!

      - Can you namedrop some of the zine your digging right now. and tell us why you love it.
      I remember Halloween! I fucking love this zine, it’s a local punk zine from the metro and its awesome. Very badass layout and the coolest of interviews.

      - how huge are your zine collection? whats the most priceless zine you think you own?
      Not that huge, just a small pile. Priceless? I think the zine/flyer Doc Gani of MYO distro about the Crossblood rip off thing back in the early days that got circulated.

      - I'm to busy right know, and merely attend gigs. Hows our so called local scene doing today? I have absolutely no idea! HAHA! I’ve been so busy as a Trainee Chef at the Magsaysay Institute that I’ve been in the dark these past few months. Well. The crazy alcoholics from San Pablo is still kicking ass. Paganfire still rules. Corrupt Insanity and Dreaded Mortuary released their full lengths, rabies a new ep, Ohmsapien is a kickass thrash band. Mass Hypnosia has Mr. Paul Magat as their drummer and they rule more than ever. Hmmm. That’s fucking all the news I remember, if I like your band and I forgot, sorry, I’m fucking tripping balls at the moment. Everybody else that plays shitty music suck my throbbing cock!

      - whats the best gig you ever attended to?
      That’s a hard one. The last last last ANK show probably. I love ANK show’s each and every band is killer. Not like some of the gigs where you just went there for that one cool band. So it was a huge honor to be able to play in an ANK Show.

      - Hoestly, I admired you for your great usage of methapors and killer adlibs you apply in your zine, You must be one hell of a kid,You must be enroll in an exclusive school, how rich are you? do you think how much ransom can we get to your parents when we kidnapped you?
      Woah, Thanks Aaron, I appreciate it man, glad someone reads the crap I write. I’m not from an exclusive school, Camella School Las Pinas City represent! All I did in high school was get drunk, whisper nasty things to pokpok girls, get slapped and smoke weed. Thank the force I’m a much more well adjusted person now. Hahaha. I’m not rich man! Fuck no! I’m broke 24/7, I don’t even smoke cigs because I can’t afford it! Haha.

      - Thanks man for the friendship and time answering this ,Guess we reach the end of the line. Final rants...
      Cheers Aaron! Live long and prosper, sorry for answering the intie in a fucked up unintelligible way. I’ve lost a lot of blood from a kitchen injury while carving up a squash, I’m a bit groggy but I’ll live for the second issue! ( I hope! ) Haha.

GW Interview

Goblin Warhead are like a mad chemist, they combine different formulas, experiment with different substances that result in one massive sound really far different from the usual metal acts in our local scene. The band never claimed to be the forefather of combining metal and punk yet they seem to be the best alternative on breaking the traditional macho's club music. Here is a short chat with the band who is one of the active acts people are banging their head to right now.

    • Greetings Goblin Warhead, hope everything is ok in your camp.Its almost my tradition to start my interegation with this undying line... for the sake of our readers, A brief history of Goblin Warhead please.

      Jacob: Greetings and felicitations, children of technology. GW started last year, with three guys itching to play live shit… became inactive during the holiday season, which was spent writing some more shit. Our first drummer left, then we got Ritchie of Disganar into the cult. Now active again, whispering sorcery as wingless angels in soundless flight descend from blackened skies.

      - Goblin Warhead is such a nice band name, who taught of that? whats its etymology?
      J:Carlos thought of it, don’t know how or why

      Carlos: I always liked the name. After a few months I learned it was the name of my dad’s old band in the 90’s and it was implanted into my subconscious mind all the time by seeing Dredd gig stubs at the back of his room door growing up. Far out insane shit. We decided not to change it.

      - You play filthy punk-metal with a dash of kangpunk elements. Who are your main musical influence? how about your non-musical interest?

      J:Sarc├│fago, Bathory, Hellhammer, Lord Petrus Steele's immaculate Carnivore, Amebix, Discharge, Mot├Ârhead. (old) Absurd and Spear of Longinus have been in rotation lately. We like taking drugs at psych rock gigs and getting lost in shady parts of town

      C: Non metal influences are booze,drugs,wimmin,art,books and films.

      - How'd you guys first get interested in music? the first ever record you bought?
      J: First (and last so far): The Doors – s/t

      - If my perephiral wisdom dont decieve me, you guys just pass your teen years. Is Goblin warhead are every members fist band? if not, care to share your previous act.
      J: It’s definitely the first gigging band we’ve had, except for Ritchie.

      - Basically what do you guys usually rants about? how do goblin warhead write their musick?
      J: Lately it’s been about weekend metalheads, death, metal, war, virility, nihilism, elitism, sleazy Makati districts, the thoughts that dwell in our perverse minds, political incorrectness, usual stuff from pissed off folks etc etc. Can’t say we write music, we write shit.

      - Let's talk about your rehearsal demo, whats the story behind it? how many copies have you spread? and how does it been recieved locally and internationally? Is raw really a law for a demo?
      J: It was recorded with a laptop mic on the floor of the rehearsal space. There’s not much to say here except that raw is definitely a law for a demo.

      - Your demo, contain six tracks. three originals and 3 covers. If Venom, Discharged and Motorhead would hear your rendition of their classic musick what do you think they would say to you guys? Do you think you have justified their style?

      J: What the fukk is this shit.

      C: We haven’t covered Venom yet. They owe us a pint of ale for doing such a fucking awesome cover.

      - You guys are gearing for a new records this year right? what would we expect from your upcoming released? are you going to released it independently or any labels are willing to back you up?

      J: Yes, that is correct. Expect wild thrashing shit and reverb rape.
      C: If no label would pick it up, I’ll release it myself. No stopping the goblins of war from storming the gates.
      - What can you say about Las pinas scene, are their any other killer acts hybernating over there? how about our local scene in general?

      C: Brimstone In Fire and Prophecyst all the others play watered down melodeath and shitty brutal death metal. We’re not Goblin Warhead from Las Pinas City anymore. I’m the only one from the 1741. Jacob is from Bicutan and Ritchie is from Mandaluyong.

      NSBM and BM recently are the local scene flavor of the month.Brave to comment over this said genre? Whats your stand on their beliefs?

      J:I think that they definitely have the cojones to play what they play. Other than that, I really couldn’t care less

      - How about Brutal death metal? It seems this genre become a laughing bag for all the metalheads I know.Brutal death metal for me is the shock rock of metal.but in punk music case, Shock rock dont suffer such awful critism from punk elite. Why do you think BDM fall in "boo" category for most of the extreme metal fans in our local music today? do you listen to BDM by the way?

      J:Death metal should be dark and harsh, not bouncy. Infester’s To the Depths... In Degradation = fukking best shit ever

      C: Shock rockers used to write songs! BDM’ers write shit!

      - Name drop some of local bands worthy enough to have Goblin Warhead support.

      J:Pathogen, Karimlan, Paganfire and pretty much most of the bands they frequently play with… also Wilderness, the trippiest band in the land

      C: The individuals who have our respect know who they are.

      - How many gigs and show do GW played so far?How do expectators received your music? any unusual or unforgottable moments on and off the stage? any groupies wlloping your testacles?

      J:Soon, soon 

      - Just curious, whats with the umluat sign in your band logo? does it mean something? or it just an obvious sign you love motorhead to much?

      J:We believe that umlauts were given to us by the gods of cruelty to show us the way and give us the power to desecrate, crush, kill and destroy

      C: It’s there to tell you bow down cause the warhead is metal as fuck.

      - Besides from the upcomming record, what keeping your camp busy? any other plan for Goblin Warhead this year?

      J: Working on Armageddon covers, working on obtaining more psychedelics. Fighting, feasting, and fukking all we can. Moonlight on horseback, till death we ride

      J:What is best in life?
      Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women!
      C: We give a middle finger to all those of false of heart! Hail Spikes and Bullets zine!

Hahaha. Check out Manong Zine, he's working on his fourth issue at the moment. Limited copies, trades preferred. write to
Aaron B. Manzano
608 St martin Subd.
Marilao Bulacan

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Blair Witch Bitch Hunt '12

Everyone Should Be Killed Zine Fest, Light and Space Contemporary, QC.
I just don’t understand it. Why are there modern brutal death metal bands that draw modern brutal death metal crowds alongside punk oriented, diy ethics infused serious publications? Doesn’t it speak volumes about the BDM sub culture and its shallow surface value-centric consumerist following when there aren’t any worthwhile zines written by a fan of the movement to document its existence? I used to have a personal vendetta with everything modern brutal death metal but now I’ve grown to accept that there are a select few true individuals that focus their efforts within it, now I just hate the stupid fucking sheeple crowd that comes along with the existence of the bands. I mean I saw one dude who asked if a zine was free and upon learning it costs 50bucks opted to buy a 500 bucks tour shirt of a band with an indecipherable logo instead. I find that too sick.  With that said and out of the way this event was a blast, thanks a lot to Sam of LOC, without his guiding light the crazy band of zinesters would’ve ne’er gotten out of the Blair Witch’s Bitch Hunt incident alive. My crazy day started out with meeting my fanzine heroes IA’s Wordsllinger and KZ’s Jeremy at Andoks for a few glasses of beer(Well, I had a few they had a shit ton) and getting acquainted with Sister Bastard/Brother Bitch/Syrrups Omel Power Jakol and met another dude there called Jep as well. He was our guide to the Blair Bitch Bitch Hunt, I owe him a lot he paid for my fare <3. It was a fun day but we got lost in Marikina when we were supposed to be in QC. Haha. Upon arriving at the venue I learned that BIF’s set just finished, too bad. I really miss Lloyd’s vocals and hearing Despair live, shit is my favorite BIF song mesmerizing and puts you into a dream like state. I haven’t heard their new vocalist Ian(ex Demiurge) yet so  need to watch them again soon. I got to watch Toxemia for the first time which was cool as well,Victilator of Pathogen/Rabies was pounding the kit for them that night. Throw and Against Man were the highlights of the night for me, Throw played one of my favorite melodi-hcpunk tracks from their 3rd album called Believe and Against Man went through their list of NYHC crossover sounding thrash originals. I was heckling them to play The Eliminator which I think most crossover band in their vein would know from heart, it was too bad they didn’t but they promised too next time so I’ll be taking them up on their offer heheheh. Skipping over the modern brutal death bands that played that night( I really don’t like the genre. I even hate some of the shitty unrehearsed bands that play in the style thank god they weren’t here hahahaha) Surrogate Prey came out of nowhere and knocked me out. They play some mean ass sludge and I kept thinking that I wasn’t stoned or drunk enough to completely appreciate their music in all of its glorious fucking negativity, fucking ace stuff. I hope they release more stuff soon.  It was really great meeting some of the fellow zinesters I look up too at this event and getting to know more about the guys behind the words I read. This event felt like more of a normal gig than a zine fest to me since it was just the normal SOP for zine people to set up shop at a table and not much difference from a normal show since it didn’t have an open forum or discussion about the importance of making zines and communication etc. like the last one held at Kalye Art Gallery.  Maybe we were just too late for it not sure. I also got reacquainted with Corix and Ron from Toxemia, those guys rule. I loved the venue, it was large and the ambience was great, couches were also present near the gallery. I need to come back and do some dextromethorphan there and sink on the comfy couches hahaha.
 Major props to Sam and everybody involved for setting up a tight show. <3
thanks for letting me in

Food Trip

I remember this story I read

about Baguio, there's this
na nag aapear lang to lost travellers
At sobrang sarap nang bullalo
one day a couple was lost and hungry
they found this diner
there was a lot of parked cars outside and they were hoping
to get a seat
upon entering
there was nobody there, they were seated almost immediately and served a bowl of hot soup
people were kind and attentive
When they finished their respective meals
The employees kept giving them extra courses and desserts keeping them from leaving
After having left, they said it was the best meal they ever had
having found their way to their lola's home
they related the experience to their relatvies
They said that those people were monsters in sheeps clothing
serving up slabs of human steaks
and boiling human bones for hours on end to make bullalo
and only appears once in a blue moons haze
"It was a good thing you left there before sun down"
"you could've been next on the menu"
ang creepy nung putanignang story na yun
Nirelay ko badly
pero that's the gist of it
Just remembered
When they trekked back to where the diner was located
There was nothing there, no cars, no trees,no clue of any civilization, no hints of anything. It was as if the diner had only exsisted on their minds.